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Purdue Northwest Online Testimonials

Read what people are saying about Purdue University Northwest's online degrees!

"As a first generation college student with few resources, it was a miracle and dream come true to complete requirements for the associate degree in 1994. Now, 18 years later, I have very slowly overcome many personal struggles and obstacles with the dedication and help of Purdue Northwest's faculty and staff to achieve my life's dream of a full, four-year college education."

Kenneth G. Stavitzke

"The Purdue Northwest coursework has been essential in allowing me to be a change agent. The key from the coursework is not so much what I have learned, but rather the tools it has given me to learn independently and to be able to identify and implement useful information in the future."

Eileen Pope

"With the credentials of BSN, I will become an effective change agent by joining the ambulatory professional development council and address nursing concerns and advocating for quality patient care."

Lesley N. Warren

"If you want to be engaged and productive in nursing and not just go through the motions, then you must consistently expand your knowledge base. Speaking of professional growth, many people at work have commented that my presentations and even conversations have taken on a new level of professionalism."

Joanne McEldowney

"I haven't done hands-on patient care in 20 years, and now I have a renewed spirit of nursing in my heart with the education I received. I found the online educational experience to be convenient, flexible and very interactive. The professors were helpful and encouraging, and I look forward to continuing on in the MSN program."

Betty Zernik

"I think that professionally, it has enabled me to look at other nurses and understand why they are doing something in the manner that they are, like management. Earning my BSN gives me the option to choose a different path while on this journey, and I like having options."

Robin Downing

"I believe that I have had tremendous professional growth since starting this program. I believe that because of the program I have become more balanced as a nurse. I started this program thinking that I just wanted to attain a Bachelor's degree, and now I have been inspired to continue on to start a Master's program."

Jennifer Majewicz

"Everyone in this course has a great attitude and the discussions during the Capstone project have given me a new perspective on how research and evidence-based practice (EBP) can have a profound impact on positive change within an organization while improving patient outcomes."

Catherine Chase
RN to BSN Capstone course, Nursing Reflective Journal, March 25, 2012

"The BSN program has taught me how to gather literature, appraise the evidence, determine reliability and validity, understand statistics, and now most importantly develop and implement evidence-based practices."

Vicki Caldwell
RN to BSN Capstone course, Nursing Reflective Journal, March 25, 2012

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