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General FAQs

How much preparation time should I expect to commit to my courses?

Please plan on allocating 3 - 4 hours per week per credit hour to complete the didactic coursework. For example, if you are enrolled in a 3-credit hour course, you should anticipate spending approximately 9 - 12 hours per week completing coursework.

This time will be spent completing readings, viewing lectures, participating in discussion boards and accessing information in the online library. This does not include the time needed to complete and submit assignments in the course.

General Nursing FAQs

What non-nursing courses are required?

Outstanding non-nursing program requirements vary from student to student based on the amount of transfer credit that a student brings in. Some students may have all non-nursing courses completed, some may need only a few; others may need many more.

Once you are admitted to the program (you have submitted your application, and all of your transcripts have been received), a PNW academic advisor audits the transcripts.

The advisor assigned to you will then notify you regarding which non-nursing program requirements are outstanding (those not satisfied by transfer credit). Your advisor will review your information and create a course map that is customized for you. The course map will help you understand which courses you need to take and will help ensure that you complete the program in the most efficient way possible.

Important tips: In most cases, lower-division nursing courses are not transfer equivalents to PNW upper-division nursing courses. Statistics and English Composition II are prerequisites to NUR 39000. Additional elective program requirements are not prerequisites to NUR courses. They can be completed at any time while enrolled in the program and taken simultaneously with NUR courses.

If you have questions about transfer credits or outstanding program requirements that you will need to fulfill, please direct those questions to your assigned PNW academic advisor.

For your reference, more information, including a list of non-nursing program requirements, is available in the program handbook.

How do I know which of my courses are going to transfer?

Purdue University Northwest accepts transfer credit from regionally accredited institutions. Again, after you have been admitted to the program, an audit is conducted by your academic advisor to determine which program requirements, if any, are outstanding.

Upon admission, you can review your unofficial transcript in the PNW portal, which will display all transfer credits accepted by the university, based on your submitted transcripts.

Please note: You may choose courses from other schools and submit them to the advisor for review to determine whether the courses you are considering will fulfill the specific requirements needed at PNW.

For your PNW academic advisor to review and/or confirm that the course(s) would fulfill the requirements, you must submit the following information:

  • name of the school(s)
  • course number(s) and title(s)
  • course description(s) from college catalogue(s)

If you have additional questions about confirmation/review of transfer credits from other schools to the PNW RN to BSN program, please refer your questions to your PNW academic advisor.

Is there a time limit on the non-nursing courses you accept when I enter the program?

Only for statistics courses. To be considered for transfer credit, those must have been taken within the five years preceding the start of your RN to BSN online program.

How do I know which courses to register for?

You can begin the RN to BSN program by taking nursing courses (NUR), non-nursing courses or both simultaneously. Refer to your course map from your PNW advisor as your guide for which non-nursing courses you will need.

NUR courses

  • You may begin the program with either NUR 182 or NUR 452 depending on your start date, as these two courses alternate as the first NUR course taken.
  • The third course taken in the NUR progression is NUR 390. NUR 390 has prerequisites of NUR 182, NUR 452 and non-nursing prerequisites of statistics and English Composition II.
  • Once you have successfully completed NUR 390, you can enroll in the next course offerings on the following start date.
  • You can track and view your program progression on the NUR course carousel, located in the program handbook.

Non-nursing courses

  • You have the option of taking non-nursing electives simultaneously with NUR courses.
  • You have the option of taking non-nursing prerequisites (statistics and English Composition II) simultaneously with your first two NUR courses (NUR 182 and NUR 452).

If you have additional questions regarding program progression and options for choosing courses, please direct your questions to your PNW academic advisor.

Am I allowed to sit out of the program?

  • Once you are admitted to the program and begin taking classes, you may sit out as needed.
  • Taking courses at other schools that will satisfy program requirements is not considered sitting out. Sitting out is defined as not taking any classes whatsoever.
  • In the event that you need to sit out, you must contact your PNW academic advisor so that the University is aware of your intentions.
  • Please note: You will not be able to maintain your original tuition rate (the rate you were given upon admission to the program) if you sit out (not taking any courses, nursing or non-nursing, from PNW or any other school) for more than two consecutive 5-week sessions. If the absence exceeds two consecutive sessions, you will resume at the tuition rate that is current at the time of your reentry into the program—which may differ from the original admission rate.
  • In the event of an extended absence, your status as a student will remain active for one year from the last course taken. If an absence extends over one year, then you must contact PNW admissions and re-apply to the program in order to resume.
  • In the event that you are admitted to the program, but do not begin taking courses at PNW in that semester, you must contact PNW admissions and re-apply to the program for subsequent semesters in order to proceed.
  • Program policies are listed in the program handbook.
  • Can I take the capstone course when I have completed the nursing credits, but not the non-nursing courses?

    All nursing courses must be completed prior to the capstone course. However, you may take up to 6 hours of non-nursing coursework after completion of the capstone course.

    I was told I would get a tuition discount/scholarship. How does that work?

  • A promotional scholarship is applied by financial aid after you have been admitted and have registered for classes.
  • Tuition discounts/scholarships are typically based on your employment with a partnership hospital, or geographic location (currently Ohio residents).
  • You can qualify for only one promotional scholarship. For example, a student who is an Ohio resident and who is also affiliated with a partner hospital does not qualify for both scholarships.
  • If you need help clarifying your eligibility for a promotional scholarship, please contact your PNW enrollment services specialist.
  • Promotional scholarships are awarded based on the information submitted on your application. To update/confirm that your records correctly reflect any promotion eligibility, you must contact PNW Admissions.
  • Tuition rates are adjusted to prior to the start of courses. You must first be registered in order to see tuition adjustments related to a promotional scholarship.
  • How do I get my transcript if the school of nursing I formerly attended is now closed?

    Contact the hospital with which the nursing school was associated to determine where your records are being stored. Also try contacting the board of nursing for the state in which you earned your degree.

    Admission FAQs

    How many start dates are there each year?

    There are eight start dates each year.

    What is the Partnership Code?

    If you are employed at a Partner Hospital, the Partnership Code must be entered on your application along with the name of your employer. Please contact the Academic Partnerships Program Coordinator at your health care employer to receive your Partnership Code.

    How do I know if I have been accepted into this program?

    You will receive an acknowledgement letter in the mail from Purdue University Northwest Admissions with student portal login information and password.

    When you are accepted, you will receive an acceptance letter with instructions on how to enroll, download your courseware, pay your tuition, and get started.

    What are the admission requirements?

    Please see the admission requirements page for your chosen degree program.

    If I am accepted into the program, but do not immediately enroll, do I need to reapply and submit another application fee to get started?

    No. Your application is good for one calendar year. You can enroll at any start date within that period.

    Are only full-time hospital employees eligible to enroll?

    No. You may enroll if you are a full-time or part-time employee.

    Do you accept transfer credits into the program?

    Yes. General course transfer credits will be accepted, with no age limitations, if they meet the university’s criteria. Nursing course transfer credits will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

    Payment FAQs

    How do I submit payments to Purdue Northwest?

    Payment information is available on the tuition page of your chosen degree. Students may pay their tuition through their student portal or in person at the Office of Student Accounts on campus (LAWS 130). Some health care partners may pay tuition directly to the University on students' behalf if they choose, but payment must be made by midnight the Friday before a course begins or the student will be cancelled for non-payment.

    Is financial aid available?

    Many employers offer tuition reimbursement. Financial aid may be available to those who qualify.

    Are refunds given for courses?

    The refund policy for sessions of 5 weeks or less is as follows:

    • Before the first session class day: 100% refund for drops or session withdrawals before the first session class day
    • No refund for drops or withdrawals after the first class day

    Technology FAQs

    Must I be connected to the Internet to complete the coursework?

    Yes. You will need Internet access to download your individual course and online readings onto your computer and to periodically submit and receive feedback on assignments and assessments as well as participate in online discussions.

    Coursework and Grading FAQs

    How many courses and credit hours comprise the program?

    The RN to BSN Program consists of 12 required nursing courses (RN to BSN Program is 120 credit hours).

    How long does it take to complete the program?

    The RN to BSN degree program can be completed in as little as 16 months. The length of time also depends on how many general courses you have completed.

    What if an emergency happens and I have to take a temporary break from the program?

    We hope that the flexibility of the courseware will allow you to finish the course you are currently taking. If you cannot continue and you withdraw from the course, you can re-enter later in the sequence and take the course you dropped when it is re-offered. You must withdraw by the drop deadline posted under Important Dates to receive a 'W'. To receive a full refund for the course tuition you must withdraw before the course starts.

    Where can I see the course descriptions?

    Course descriptions are available on each degree program page.

    Are there clinical requirements for the RN to BSN degree?

    There are no clinical requirements in the traditional sense. Since you are a practicing RN, clinicals are accomplished through assignments that can be completed in your work environment.

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