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Why We Need Nurse Leaders

Nursing leadership and management plays a crucial role in the development of policies and procedures in the health care setting.

As front-line caregivers move into management roles, they bring experiences at the bedside into administrative functions. By moving into leadership roles, nurses can participate in both the direct care and strategic planning functions that are crucial to health care organizations. Nurse leaders bring invaluable perspectives to their multidisciplinary work with other services, such as social workers, therapists, chaplains and pharmacists.

Roles continue to shift

In recent years, a committee formed by The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and Institute of Medicine recommend several steps to elevate the profession of nursing. Those recommendations included practicing to the top of license, increasing education levels and participating as full partners in developing care plans.

Increasing education is a crucial step in building the strength of nursing leadership and management positions.

Aging patient population changing nursing landscape

Nursing leaders must prepare to meet the needs of the population. In recent years, the profession of nursing quickly has evolved as patients are living longer with chronic conditions and diseases that previously were not treatable.

To keep up with the needs of nursing leadership and management, the IOM recommended the proportion of nurses with baccalaureate degrees increase by 80 percent by 2020. Fortunately, nursing schools also are adapting to keep up with the industry’s demands. Programs, such as an online RN to BSN, help prepare future nurse leaders to plan to meet the needs of their communities.

Individuals interested in to stepping into nurse management roles should seek out experience by taking on additional supervisory experiences and completing additional education to keep up with the changing demands of the profession.

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