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Veteran education benefits apply to online RN to BSN programs

For registered nurses currently serving in the military as corpsmen, medics, or in other roles, a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree is required to earn a commission in the nurse corps. In addition, for nurses who are military spouses or dependents, the Veteran’s Administration, which employs the largest number of registered nurses in the country, requires a bachelor’s degree for promotional consideration beyond an entry-level position.

Registered nurses can start by enrolling in an online RN to BSN program. An online program is particularly beneficial for those already serving in the military, as it allows soldiers and their families to participate in classes regardless of where they are stationed or whether they are transferred.

Veteran education benefits readily available for military members

The military offers many opportunities for financial aid for individuals who want to further their education through its veteran education benefits programs.

The Post 9/11 GI bill provides up to three years of college educational benefits for soldiers who have been on active duty for 90 days or more since Sept. 11, 2001. These benefits, which can be used to help cover tuition, fees, books and living expenses, can sometimes be passed on to a military spouse or dependent. The Montgomery GI Bill, overseen by the Veteran’s Administration, may also help pay for nursing school.

Branches offer financial incentives for military nurse recruitment

The U.S. Army Medical Department Enlisted Commissioning Program encourages soldiers to attend college full time to complete a BSN degree, providing up to $10,000 per academic year for tuition, fees and books, along with full pay, allowances and promotion eligibility.

For those who want to enlist, the Navy’s Nurse Candidate Program (NCP) offers up to $34,000 to help pay for nursing school. The Air Force offers scholarships through its Health Professions Scholarships Program (HPSP,) which covers tuition, fees, textbooks and supplies associated with completing a nursing degree.

Additionally, there are multiple military tuition reimbursement programs available for students who choose to earn an online RN to BSN degree.

Online RN to BSN programs a fast path to military nursing

For soldiers, their spouses and families, online RN to BSN programs offer an affordable, convenient path to educational and career advancement. As a military nurse, you will gain immeasurable experiences and can practice in locations around the world. In less than two years, you can obtain your bachelor’s degree and earn promotion to an officer, enjoying the prestige and privileges associated with rank and seniority.


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