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An Online RN to BSN Program Promotes Professional Growth

Purdue University Northwest offers a comprehensive online RN to BSN program that will prepare you for professional nursing practice. From courses in theoretical thinking and professional ethics to practical research and pathophysiology, Purdue University Northwest gives you a breadth of knowledge that you will be able to apply throughout your career.

In addition, the online RN to BSN program sets students up for success by encouraging them to think about these key elements of professional growth.

Understand Yourself

A great nurse understands the importance of balancing family, work, education, and self-care. To find this balance, you must first understand yourself.

The online RN to BSN program at Purdue University Northwest gives you many opportunities to examine your own life, personality and habits. Through these opportunities you can gain insight into your unique path to success. From developing effective studying habits to mastering time management, you will get to know yourself on a new level as you are introduced to new concepts and experiences.

In your career, this self-understanding will be crucial in helping you grow. When chances for furthering your career appear, you will be prepared to claim those opportunities by understanding how to emphasize your strengths. With great professional growth comes the opportunity for great personal development, which allows you to succeed in life and at work.

Develop a Career Plan

The most successful careers begin with a solid plan. While your career plan may evolve over the years, establishing it during your time at Purdue University Northwest can give you a strong foundation.

Throughout your nursing career, you will be faced with difficult choices. You may encounter difficult patient cases while working in an urgent care setting or enticing career options as you grow in your career. Envisioning how you want your career to develop can help you stay alert to possibilities that present themselves. As you complete the RN to BSN program, you can explore the many different specialties and work settings available to you in the nursing profession.

You will also learn how to tackle the ethical challenges you may face along the way. A successful career path is an ethical career path. Therefore, it is critical that you take the time now to consider how you will handle ethical dilemmas. The NUR 39100 Professional Ethics course prepares students for ethical decision-making.

Continue Learning

Information is a powerful tool in the nursing profession. The online RN to BSN program at Purdue University Northwest will provide you with information you can use to develop your strengths and illuminate your areas for improvement.

Areas of improvement are opportunities for further professional growth, which is why Purdue University Northwest encourages you to continue learning, stay current on the latest research and connect with professional organizations. In the NUR 49800 Capstone Course in Nursing, you will have a chance to contribute to the nursing profession, while also identifying areas where the profession may be lacking in knowledge. As you grow in your career, consider how you can fill these knowledge gaps and give back to the profession as a whole.

While you are studying at Purdue University Northwest, the online RN to BSN program will prepare you for competence in professional nursing. However, the program also gives you something extra: a chance to reflect on your own strengths, areas for improvement, plans for the future and opportunities for growth.

Learn more about the Purdue Northwest online RN to BSN program.


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