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Nursing Tops Hot Jobs List in Indiana

Considering the new healthcare landscape, it is no surprise that nursing topped the "Hoosier Hot 50 Jobs" list in Indiana. The baby boomer generation is aging and advances in medicine are keeping them alive longer, leading to an increase in demand for healthcare workers. Nurses of that generation are now retiring, further widening the gap between supply and demand. Nursing faculty is also dwindling due to retirement and the fact that they are moving to more lucrative jobs. With fewer faculty members, universities are struggling to find the space in their programs for would-be nurses, and many qualified applicants are being turned away. Luckily, Purdue's online RN to BSN program is picking up the slack.

More Job Options for Nurses

The range of job options for nurses is also broadening; nurse anesthetists, nurse practitioners, practical and vocational nurses, nurse midwives, and administrators are just a few of the options. Many of these specialties take nurses away from the bedside, spreading the number even thinner, which can have disastrous effects on patient outcomes.

Sounds like a lot of bad news, right? Do not despair; the growth of online nursing degree programs is coming to the rescue. Online RN to BSN programs do not require the same amount of actual space as traditional educational models. Fewer faculty members are necessary, which means the university can accept more qualified applicants. The Purdue RN to BSN program online also allows working RNs to continue their education without much interruption to their already-busy schedules.

What Is a Hot Job?

According the Indiana Department of Workforce Development, hot jobs are those which are in demand, have high median salaries and a proper work-life balance. With an average annual salary for RNs of $57,370 and a shortage of over 8,000 nurses, nursing is definitely a hot job. The demand for nurses in Indian is only going to grow. Thirty-seven percent of nurses reached retirement age in 2015, and estimates show that 59 percent will retire by 2020.

What Are the Benefits of Online RN to BSN Programs?

As nursing students go through an online RN to BSN program, they learn to use the latest medical technology, including Electronic Medical Records (EMR), advanced treatment equipment, and more. Many of these advances save time, easing some of the stress felt by nurses. Even the process of managing the technology involved in taking online classes helps nurses become comfortable with the daily use of technology they may not have been familiar with before. Online programs teach great time management skills, both at home and at work. A well-tuned schedule is crucial to success in an RN to BSN program.

Benefits of a Career in Nursing

A poor work-life balance can cause physical and mental health problems, family issues and poor work performance, to name a few. With the odd hours, long shifts and the constant life-or-death consequences nurses face on a daily basis, the nursing profession is not always known for its great work-life balance. But the freedom and rewards of a nursing career make it easy to have a great work-life balance if you have the right training. An online RN to BSN program can teach you the skills to overcome the would-be barriers to balance.

Nurses do shift work and often work overnight. This may seem like a difficult prospect, but it offers freedoms that other jobs do not. Nurses with families can choose to work at night, which enables them to be home when their kids get home. Many nurses work three 12-hour shifts a week, giving them four days off to be with their families or handle other personal responsibilities. Nurses are often able to pick up shifts from other nurses, if they would like to work more. And since clinical nurses are usually paid hourly, they are paid 1.5 times their usual wage for overtime hours. The field of nursing in Indiana is no different.

The Purdue online RN to BSN degree program teaches students to be better communicators, both at home and at work. This improved communication strengthens relationships.

There are other benefits to a career in nursing. We all know that physical fitness is key to a happy and healthy life. While your friends with office jobs are sitting down at a computer all day, you'll be getting a workout. Nurses walk, on average, four miles in a 12-hour shift. New nurses will also notice a change in their relationships with friends and family. You're the new medical expert in your circle, and those close to you will be calling for advice. In the age of social media and isolation, many people lose real connection, but as a nurse, you'll not only be helping your patients, but you'll be helping friends and family.     

Indiana Department of Workforce Development Encourages Schools

The shortage of nurses is not new in Indiana or the U.S. Since the advent of Medicare and Medicaid in the 60s, there has been talk of a nursing shortage and, often, an actual shortage. And though this has been a concern for at least 50 years, experts are predicting an unprecedented need due to the baby boomers retiring. The state of Indiana is aware of the gap and is in action to prevent it. In 2010, the Indiana Department of Workforce Development announced the availability of a grant worth approximately half a million dollars to accredited Indiana schools that offered online programs for BSNs and MSNs in an effort to encourage the schools to offer online nursing programs.

Purdue Online RN to BSN Program

Purdue's nursing program ranks in the top five in Indiana. It is also a National League for Nursing Center for Excellence in Nursing Education. Some potential students worry that an online degree will not go far with recruiters and hiring managers, but this is not the case. These gate keepers are more concerned with the accreditation of the school and not the method of learning. In fact, hiring managers are aware of the challenges of balancing work and personal life while pursuing higher education. It shows them that nurses who have completed their online RN to BSN program are responsible, dedicated, organized and efficient.      

Learn more about Purdue Northwest's RN to BSN Online Program.


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