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Evidence-based practice in nursing

Evidence-based practice in nursing involves using information learned through research to improve patient care.

When employing evidence-based practice in nursing, nurses combine research with clinical expertise to determine the best course of treatment. While nursing in its modern form has existed for more than 150 years, the successful deployment of evidence-based practice in nursing requires nurses to take an active role in developing care models.

Evidence-based practice requires innovation

To successfully utilize evidence-based practice in nursing, nurses must be empowered to find the best available evidence, develop and test protocols and implement new processes.

To do so, nurses must utilize not only nursing skills, but also leadership, research and change management techniques. One way that many nurses learn those skills is by furthering their education, often in online RN to BSN programs that offer flexibility while still working.

Focus is fueling online RN to BSN programs

The increasing focus of the health care system on employing evidence-based practices has led to increased growth in online RN to BSN programs.

The American Association of Colleges of Nursing found in a 2014 survey that there has been a 4.2 percent increase in baccalaureate programs and a 10.4 percent increase in RN to BSN programs. In addition, enrollment in master’s degree programs rose by 6.6 percent. Many employers offer tuition assistance and other help to employees looking to further their education through online RN to BSN programs.

Employers are encouraging ongoing education because advanced education programs help nurses prepare for a larger role in their jobs, introduce research skills and provide leadership training. As the industry continues toward evidence-based practice in nursing, demand for nurses with bachelor’s degrees will continue to increase.


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